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Raising Awareness, Raising Funds Filming for Philanthropy One of the missions in my life is to be a responsible citizen of the world. To me that means leaving the world a better place than when you arrived. The way I can have an impact is by helping foundations reach their goals. I do this by not only creating their stories but also crafting social video campaigns to reach those who need help and can help. Using my talents and skills to distribute engaging content is a big win for me, foundations, and those in need. This is how I earn my citizenship in the world. Trust me, we can find the right price to produce the content your foundation needs for creating a successful social video campaign. All you have to do is ask me.
Recent Projects include...
The Heal Process Foundation
• Created 6 minute fund raising video
• Designed social video campaign which includes... TECHO Foundation
• Created 15 minute film festival short doc
• Designed U.S. media awareness campaign
•Feature documentary
•Social sponsorship
•Live event program •Short documentary
•Film festival target list
•Screening events with local Universities
Results: Results:
•New key donors
•Film distributor recommending project to their board
•DVD/URL link mass fund-raising mailing
•Atlanta Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Festival
•Screened at 5 high schools in New York City
•UN TECHO meeting with Universities in festival cities


Brief excerpt from both films