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Social Video Campaigns Evolve
The days of viral video are over. Creating compelling stories to drive a successful social video campaign is a key to the success.
Social Video Campaigns are.. ROI driven
Integrated Enhance PR
Earned media
Audience building
Evolving over time
"To survive the early days of web video, we invented social video strategies "on-the-fly" to build Culture Catch into a revenue generating video podcast." Today, our past experience is helping brands with their web video initiatives.
Why we are focusing on wellness social video campaigns... "To live a wellness lifestyle..." Once healing helped rid my body of cancer tumors, my life's work changed to focus on spreading the world about living a wellness lifestyle.
Objectives... Demystifying alternative options
Over come barriers to entry
Co-op campaigns when possible
Develop content around missions
Facilitate partnerships
Grow process organically
Our process... Compelling Stories...
 We begin with an extensive audit of current needs to develop an integrated ROI driven web TV strategy. We need to understand the various ways in which your company views and measures success before ideas can be formulated. Then, we develop content, technology and distribution strategies to support the needs and drive the success.
Content Development

I’ve partner with Portland Helmich, a seasoned host and producer in the wellness and personal growth space. She’s created programming for Wisdom Television and Veria Living TV, among other outlets, and has interviewed most of the leading experts in this field. Portland is not only an expert in creating content but a great on-air talent if needed. We are good team to for developing and producing wellness content to meet specific marketing needs.
Wellness social video campaigns are chock full of social value. Using these compelling stories, we are developing social video campaigns to reach the masses.
Our campaigns enhance PR, develop new revenue streams, and increase or create content followers/subscribers. We look to crawl before we walk into launching a run of episodes. Clients find the “slow cook” process optimal for introducing this new type of marketing into their existing initiatives.